I’m a computer graphics researcher, currently Lead Scientist at Uraniom, a young team working on Shadow, an app for making realistic 3D avatars and sharing cool animations.

I completed my ph.D. at the Université Lille 1, working with the CRIStAL laboratory in Lille, France. I worked with Pr. Jean-Philippe Vandeborre and Pr. Guillaume Lavoué (LIRIS, Lyon). My main topic was example-based modeling, and my work was part of the CrABEx ANR project, financed by the French National Agency for Research.

I obtained an engineering degree in computer science and digital images from the École Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Rennes (ÉSIR) in 2012 and a Master of research from the Université de Rennes 1 in 2013. My Master thesis was about inverse-rendering, working with Kadi Bouatouch and Rémi Cozot in the FRVSense team at the IRISA lab in Rennes.

My research interests include mesh and image processing, rendering and machine learning.

You can download a resume here 💾 !